About Paramount

our mission

Paramount Winterguard is an Atlanta-based colorguard organization, founded to provide a positive, life-changing performance experience for its members, volunteers, and staff. With the addition of an A Guard in 2016 and an Open Guard in 2017, we strive to grow and improve our program and provide even more performers a place to call "home." In addition, our Peak Performance Clinics reach further into the southeast's vast colorguard community to share in the joy of learning and performing.

Paramount Staff

The Paramount staff is comprised of world-class colorguard designers and educators. Most of our staff design and instruct world-class drum corps programs, as well. In addition, our staff members are sought after clinicians and adjudicators, judging nationally, and working with many competitive high-school and collegiate programs throughout Georgia and the U.S.

Paramount members

The 2014 Paramount cast is comprised of world-class colorguard performers from GA, TN, AL, MS, NC, and SC. Most of our cast members also participate in world-class drum and bugle corps throughout the summer months. In addition to performing and competing with Paramount and drum corps, our cast members share their knowledge and experience, teaching many high-school and collegiate colorguard teams.