​​Paramount World is a youth performance ensemble comprised of performers ages 18 and over from the Atlanta area and surrounding states--Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and North and South Carolina. Auditions are typically held in August or September each year. The fall months, September through December, are planned for  learning and rehearsing a competitive program, and the winter months, January- April, are planned for competition and travel. Paramount is a member of the Southern Association for Performance Arts (SAPA) and Winterguard International (WGI). 

Paramount was created in 2011, and has grown as an organization each year. 2015 saw the guard place 7th at WGI World Championships, Paramount's first year as a WGI Championships Finalist, and 2016 sees the guard expand with an Independent A team! Through instructional and design clinics ("Peak Performance Clinics") held throughout the year, Paramount works to expand and grow colorguard and pageantry skills in instructors and performance throughout the southeast--with the desire to help the southeast grow as a leading area for the colorguard and pageantry arts. 

​Paramount is under the direction of Rick Subel and Andria Foerch. With management and instruction assistance from Nathan Jennings, the guard is additionally instructed by Erin England, Ian Lewis (Paramount alum), Sarah Arafa (Paramount alum), Joe Tribble (Paramount alum), Lisa Ha (Paramount alum) Becky Finch, Lindsay Kuzmierczak, Trevor Drake, Michael O'Neil, and Tavius Cooper.

Designers and Choreographers and Consultants for Paramount World include Rick Subel, Jeff Namian, John Escalante, Michael Rosales, Erin England, KC Michel, and KC Perkins. 

Equipment endorsed and used by Paramount:
Sabres: 39" KING SABRES. Style #KS2-39
HERE to order your own King Sabre!
Rifles: 37.5" ELITE 5 RIFLES from Director's Showcase International. White Rifle, Black Bolt, Black Strap
**You may want to practice without a strap, as we typically do not use straps.
HERE to order your own ELITE 5 Rifle!
Flags: 6' aluminum pole with a 36' x 54" curved rectangle silk.

Available from many sources of colorguard and band supply vendors online.

For any additional information or questions you may have, please contact info@paramountwg.org or follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

Paramount World