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Paramount World 2011

One In A Million

Our inaugural show design was about finding our own voice, and how exhilarating and freeing, or lonely and frightening, that can be. For some, embracing and accepting themselves is a painful and difficult experience. For others, it's an act of empowerment and rebellion. Regardless, the world keeps turning. It's only when we look within and begin to appreciate our own uniqueness that the act of being "special" can just happen naturally.


Paramount World 2012

In A Flash

Entitled, "In a Flash", the 2012 Paramount Winterguard program explored the concept of one's life flashing before one's eyes. Through the use of live film projectors and recorded memories of the performers own lives, the show portrays the reflection and exciting rush of experiencing a lifetime, all over again, in a brief flash of time. "One day your life, too, will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching..."


Paramount World 2013


Highlighting a pure, simple joy, Paramount drew inspiration for our 2013 program from the people and culture of Appalachia. From the lively folk music passed down for generations to the contemporary culture of our urban lifestyles, there is an innate attachment to the rich and storied heritage of those who have walked our mountain regions before us. It can be felt in the dances and in the story of its music--the heart of the gentle graciousness that abounds.


Paramount World 2014

Within the Atmosphere

Our 2014 production was titled “Within the Atmosphere”! Through the use of live lighting effects, sound improvisation, and tone, the 34 performers of Paramount explored multiple textures of ambience and mood, creating a truly personalized, live experience for audiences at the WGI Nashville Regional, the WGI Atlanta Regional, the WGI Mid-East Championships, and WGI World Championships.


Paramount World 2015


Our 2015 program was titled, ArchiTEXTURES. Exploring the architectural elements of contemporary design including line, weight, balance, flow, texture, layer, hue, placement, focus, and detail, we explored these concepts with a jazz intrigue. The essence of the program focuses on showcasing the performer's abilities and a heightened sensitivity for nuance and style - in an approach that is both complex in its simplicity, and simple in its complexity. The show was set to the Bad Plus' jazz interpretation of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", and was performed at the WGI Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Cincinnati Regionals, as well as WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH. 2015 was Paramount's first season in World Class Finals, placing 7th overall with a score of 90.40.