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2024 Auditions

Audition Clinic

Prior to auditions, we host an Audition Clinic for performers seeking extra preparation for our open Casting Audition. The cost of the Audition Clinic is $30. This is payable via our Eventbrite event page via the tickets button above.

The purpose of this clinic is to provide a real audition experience and provide performers with tips and tools to more-successfully navigate a World Class audition. Performers will also learn technique and choreography used in our 2024 Paramount Auditions, as well as learn important insights regarding the "intangibles" and "do's and don'ts" of a world class audition process. 

The audition clinic will take place on September 17th from 9:00a - 6:00p EST at The Howard School.

192 Foster St NW,

Atlanta, GA 30318

Cast Auditions

Performers will be expected to attend an in-person audition September 23rd and September 24th. Auditions will consist of several classes and audition combinations in dance, flag, and weapon.  All auditioning performers will be expected to learn, at minimum, the flag and dance audition pieces. The cost of auditions is $50 and is payable via our Eventbrite event page via the tickets button above.

Please complete the audition registration form via the button above prior to attending cast auditions. Once completed, please visit our Eventbrite event page via the Tickets button above to pay your audition fee and complete the registration process. Both of the steps must be completed in order to be eligible for auditions.

An audition packet with additional details will be provided upon payment of the registration fee to the e-mail that's used to make payment. This will include an "introduction" and "skills" video submission that will be required of each auditionee prior to Auditions. Your introduction video submission will be an opportunity to talk about yourself, your interests, and your journey in color guard so far. It's your chance to leave an impression! You'll also be able to showcase any special talents or abilities via the "skills" video submission.

Auditions will take place September 23rd from 10a - 10p EST, and September 24th 9a- 6p at The Howard School.


September 17th - Audition Preparation Clinic

September 23rd & 24th - Cast Auditions

October 7th & 8th - Callbacks

Additional Information


A $50, non-refundable audition fee (Debit/Credit cards are accepted) and can be paid by visiting our Eventbrite page. The fee must be paid and registration completed in order for you to receive the audition packet and attend auditions.



It is ideal that potential candidates have thorough dance or color guard training prior to auditioning for an Independent World color guard. However, we will not deny anyone the opportunity to come audition or gain experience through the audition process with Paramount Winterguard. Each auditioning performer will receive thorough feedback from our staff for them to consider and practice. 



Please wear comfortable, form- fitting, solid, dark-colored dance or athletic wear. Hair needs to be pulled back out of your face, and jewelry is not to be worn while rehearsing.



Please bring your $50, non-refundable Audition Fee, a great attitude, and all your passion and desire for performing. It will help you come prepared with a knowledge of our rehearsal calendar (on our website) as well as any potential scheduling or financial issues you may have. It is also important that you have a solid financial plan in place for how you will meet the responsibilities of paying membership dues. Flags will be provided for you, and we will have some rifles and sabres on hand to borrow. However, if you own equipment, or have access to your own, please bring those just in case--as we have quite a lot of performers who'll attend auditions.



Sabres: 39" KING SABRES. Style #KS2-39

Order a King Sabre

Rifles: 37.5" Kong Rifles from Designs by King. White Rifle, Black Bolt, Black Strap

Order a King Rifle

Flags: 6' aluminum pole with a 36' x 54" curved rectangle silk. Available from many sources of colorguard and band supply vendors online.

Order a flag pole from Style Plus

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